General Questions

Pan India.
With the help of adjustable ear loops and adjustable nose pin, our masks are one size fits all.
We provide free shipping for all of our products.
We do provide COD services for all orders.
With the help of our proprietary 7 layer mechanism with an anti viral top layer, our masks are able to provide BFE>95%.
All our masks are tested and approved by SITRA (South Indian textile research association) the official govt body responsible for testing.
We dispatch the products on the very same day, shipping would take up to 2-3 days there on.
The first layer is cotton or linen, followed by 5 layers of non-woven fabric for N95 protection and then a final layer of cotton for comfort.
If it is for replaceable filter:
You need to remove the filter, wash the mask, and then insert a new filter the next day.
If it is for the other masks:
The top layer is treated with a hydrophobic substance that does not allow water to seep through the mask and damage the filter inside. Hence we suggest dip and dry as the optimum washing technique.