Infrared Thermometer + Pulse Oximeter Combo

Infrared Thermometer + Pulse Oximeter Combo

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Product 1: Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Take a temperature reading from a safe distance with the best contactless infrared
thermometer. This contactless infrared thermometer will let you take a temperature
reading without touching any person or object.
Advanced technology: Our Contactless Infrared Thermometer is equipped with
advanced infrared technology. Keep it at a distance of 5 cm and measure the
temperature of things or people seamlessly.
Multi-functional: This thermometer has a large LCD with a white backlight. It displays
the temperature clearly without any issue. It is equipped with an intelligent shutdown
management feature.
Memory feature: The contactless infrared thermometer will allow you to store up to 32
temperature readings.
Always accurate: The maximum allowed error reading is 0.2℃ in the range of 35 to
42℃. It will always show the proper and correct reading each time you use it.
One year manufacturing warranty: If anything happens to this contactless infrared
thermometer, you can always get in touch with us. It comes with a one-year
manufacturing warranty.

Product 2: Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter lets you measure oxygen level, pulse strength, and heart rate. It is a
painless and noninvasive test. One will get to see the result within just eight seconds,
and the large LED display lets you know the reading quickly.
● Fast and Accurate: Pulse Oximeter gives you an accurate reading every
time, and the reading will be displayed on the LED within eight seconds.
● Easy to carry: One can take Pulse Oximeter with them when they are
travelling. It is portable and compact.
● Long Battery Life: Along with being light and compact, Pulse Oximeter has
long battery life. It consumes less power and turns off automatically after 16

● Suitable for different finger sizes: No matter what your age is and what
sizes of fingers you have, you can use Pulse Oximeter hassle-free.

Easy to Read: Pulse Oximeter comes with a large LED display, which allows you to
read your reading clearly and easily.