Hazmat Suit (With Mask) (Pack of 25)

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Hazmat Suit (With Mask)


Hazmat Suit with the mask is a heavy-duty full protective cover that will keep bacteria and harmful chemicals at bay. With a Hazmat suit, you can reduce the risk of contamination. All steam is adequately taped and stitched, which gives you full-proof protection.


Nylon laminated fabric: Hazmat suit is made of nylon laminated fabric for enhanced protection and durability. It has tunnelled elasticated face, ankles, and wrist cuffs and fits perfectly. The hood has elastic all around it, and since it has a face mask attached, you can wear it without any worries. 


Non-porous material used: Hazmat suit is made of non-porous material. It allows free blood flow all over the body. The elasticated thumb loops will prevent the sleeves from riding upwards. It is designed ergonomically and also lets you move around freely. 


Before wearing a Hazmat suit, please wash your hands properly before wearing this suit and after removing the suit. Once used, ensure to wash this suit. Always store this suit in a clean and dry place away from direct sunlight.