Peach-Dyed Shirt Dress

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Papa’s Peach-Dyed Shirt Dress is highly fashionable clothing for women to adorn for a casual to a semi-formal occasion. It is ideal for women of any age group for day-to-night wear. 


  • Long dresses have become very prevalent and trendy in recent times among women because of their flirty fit-and-flare style. 
  • The lengthy sleeves end between the women’s elbow and wrist to cover the arm enough for providing ease of movement.
  • The long dress is made up of piece dyed technique in one colorway range. 


  • This Papa product has 100% European viscose fibre, 30s fabric that gives it a soft feel, stylish work, and lustrous finish. 
  • Fabric doesn’t stick on the body to make the long dress optimal for the warm-weather. 

Machine Care

It requires a machine wash and low iron for proper maintenance for a decent amount of time.