Little Tied Up Printed Top

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Papa introduces its Little Tied Up Printed Top with Tassel at Neck in two colorway ranges for women. 


  • The mao collar gives it a very stylish and fashionable look that is getting increasingly popular among women these days. 
  • The 3/4th sleeve of this top ends halfway between the elbow and wrist to allow them a unique appearance for any occasion. 
  • It has a tassel at the neck, a bunch of loose threads tied together at one end and hanging free at the other end from a knot as an embellishment. 


This 100% European viscose fibre, 30s fabric is a lightweight and luxurious material that brings a soft feel, excellent drape, and lustrous finish to this Papa product. 

Machine Care

For using it over time, the set of care instructions are machine wash and low iron.