Papa Audio Runnr (Black) - Bluetooth Headset with Voice Assist

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Papa Audio Runnr (Black) - Bluetooth Headset with Voice Assist

Introducing the Papa Audio Runnr Black Bluetooth headset with wireless device technology for seamless calling and music experience. It consists of 20Hz to 20000Hz wide bandwidth frequency HD microphone voice transmission for you to communicate hassle-free with your family, friends, and relatives on-call. 

Papa Audio Runnr Black has a deep bass sound feature that provides you with a majestic sound stage for listening to your favorite songs. It makes you feel the deepest of musical notes and sound effects to bring about a home theatre-like life experience. It doesn’t entangle because of the magnetic heads on the earpieces. In-line control allows you to take calls and manage your music efficiently. 

Its compatibility with Google Alexa and Apple Siri voice assist gives you the option to make calls, text, browse the internet, and access apps on your smartphone with precision. With eight hours of working time, you can use it while running or any place of your choosing.