Long Sleeve Printed Shirt

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The release of Long Sleeve Printed Shirt from Papa provides a unique clothing option for women to wear, mainly in a working capacity. It is a regular collar shirt that accentuates the natural, graceful contours of a woman’s body wherever they go, needing just an accessory to add a touch of elegance to the look. It has two colorway ranges for women to pick for adorning at a particular event. 


For a great AM to PM styling, women can use this shirt by pairing it with their favourite trousers.

It has tassels at the front, a tuft of loose threads bound together at one end by a knot and hanging free at the other end for a unique decorative look. 


This Papa product is created from a 100% European viscose fibre, 30s fabric that brings it softness, drape, and a sophisticated finish. 

Machine Care

Moderate machine wash is a must to maintain the quality of this shirt.