Floral Ruffled Satin Finish Top

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Floral Ruffled Satin Finish Top is a stunning neck shirt, sure to grab attention when adorned. The colour of the neck shirt really pops due to the gorgeous satin ruffle design. 


  • This is a full-sleeve neck shirt, neither too loose, nor too tight, perfect for you to wear at work as well as on casual occasions. 
  • It comprises 100% polyester ptd fabric, satin ruffle having a mushy feel and shimmery appearance. 
  • It has become the women’s favourite because of the lovely softness and sophisticated shine. 


There are self-fabric buttons in this Papa product, which have regained popularity and prominence in recent times. These self-fabric buttons are concealed in the neck shirt to create a sleek and polished finish. 

Machine Care

Employing the machine wash is a must to maintain the quality of the clothing for a long time.